ACRL/NEC Comments on NEASC-CIHE Draft 2015 Accreditation Standards


In recent weeks an increasing number of Chapter members have become aware of proposed changes in the New England Association of Schools & Colleges - Commission on Institutions of Higher Education Accreditation (NEASC-CIHE) Accreditation Standards. This revision marks a significant shift for academic libraries in eliminating a separate Standard for libraries, quite reasonably a concern for this profession.  After consulting with ACRL National Leadership on the revision and learning of this trend in accreditation, a number of Board members and volunteers came together as an informal group to write a statement; as we worked we were invited to meet with CIHE staff. At that meeting on October 13, 2015, CIHE staff suggested we submit a written statement offering specific suggestions to improve the Standard. That statement was sent yesterday and is shared here.

Credit for this statement goes to members of the group that worked with me to create this statement, and attended the meeting with CIHE staff as their time allowed. Their time and energy in a very compressed timeframe made this statement as effective as we feel it is:

  • Dawn Emsellem, Salve Regina University
  • Nancy George, Salem State University
  • Lindsey Gumb, Roger Williams University
  • Jaime Hammond, Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Laura Robinson Hanlan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute & ACRL/NEC Vice President/President-Elect
  • Maura Keating, Bryant University
  • Bob Rezendes, Bristol (MA) Community College
  • Marianne Thibodeau, University of Maine, Machias
  • Phil Waterman, Assumption College & Past ACRL/NEC President

And especially, thank you to Barbara Kenney of Roger Williams University, who reached out to CIHE staff to open a dialogue.