Photo Policy

Subject always to the ACRLNEC Code of Conduct, ACRLNEC permits and encourages the use of social media by participants in Chapter-sponsored conferences and other events.


ACRLNEC may utilize photo, audio, and video of event participants in our print and web publications to foster community engagement. By participating in any ACRLNEC event, you agree that your image may be used for these purposes. You have the right to opt out of your image being taken or used. ACRLNEC strives to respect your preferences and asks all event participants to do likewise.


The Annual Conference registration desk will have red sticker dots available for you to stick on your badge so that you can opt out of having your photo taken by ACRLNEC or other attendees.


Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact us at


ACRLNEC is not responsible for third-party websites or social media.