Breakout Session I

10:00 to 10:50 am

Breakout rooms, Floor 1

From Chaos to Planned Future: Transforming LibGuides from Pathfinders to Learning Objects

Marisol Ramos, University of Connecticut - Storrs

Room: Plympton
This presentation will share with the audience how the LibGuides Management Team at UConn Library applied the lessons learnt from our previous mistakes to build more accessible and pedagogical sound research guides using LibGuides v2. I will share the issues, challenges, and successes of applying guidelines and best practices in a consistent way to improve the user experience while accessing our research, course, general and topic guides.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development; Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools
University Library

Impossible Missions, Interesting Failures: A Toolkit for Dismantling Fears and Doubts (Interactive Workshop)

John T. Oliver, The College of New Jersey

Room: Mayflower
Seemingly impossible endeavors can give us our biggest successes and our most informative failures. This interactive workshop will offer a reflective exercise for analyzing (and dismantling) the fears and doubts that keep us from doing amazing, unreasonable, unrealistic things.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership
Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library; Consortia; Other

Survey Says: Strategies for Responding to Challenging Findings

Erica Schattle and Dorothy Meaney, Tufts University

Room: Standish
As academic libraries are increasingly called on to demonstrate their value, librarians are defining measures of library impact that work both within and across libraries and constituents. But what happens when data collected through an action research project tells you something you don't want to learn?
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Assessment; Teaching and Learning
University Library

Website Usability Testing with Custom Tools in a Community College Environment

Carlos Arguelles and Mark Eaton, CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Room: Carver
Our community college library undertook a usability-testing project running proprietary, subscription-based analytics tools; when these tools did not work as expected the solution was to build our own testing and analytics environment that was easier to maintain and debug. We collected and analyzed custom data to make recommendations on the library’s webpage design.
Tags: Technology and Tools
Community College Library

What if You Build it and They Don't Come? Lessons Learned from a Tutorial-Creation Project

Lindley Homol, Northeastern University

Room: Wampanoag
Are your library tutorials seeing high usage or collecting dust? This session will discuss how the lessons learned from a little-used tutorial collection resulted in the creation of a successful suite of learning objects.
Tags: Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools
University Library