Breakout Session II

11:00 to 11:50 am

Breakout rooms, Floor 1

The Burden of Access: Patron Driven Acquisitions for Streaming Video on a Small Campus

Amanda Scull, Keene State College

Room: Carver
Does the educational benefit of streaming video justify its cost, and how do you reconcile those two factors on a small campus with a limited budget? In this session we'll dive into the three years' worth of data that demonstrates an unsuccessful and costly adoption of PDA for streaming video, and discuss the path forward.
Tags: Collections
College Library

Fake News: Taking News Evaluation Out of the Classroom and Into the Fire

Martha Kruy, Briana McGuckin, Theodora Ruhs, and Susan Slaga-Metivier, Central Connecticut State University

Room: Standish
In this session, librarians and a Journalism professor reflect upon bringing a news-evaluation workshop from the college campus to the wider community in public libraries. Learn the value of the venture, and prepare yourself for the pitfalls, as they share assessment data and the way it shaped and re-shaped the program.
Tags: Assessment; Outreach; Scholarly Communication; Teaching and Learning
University Library

Reframing Failure: Post Mortems for Library Projects

Danielle S. Apfelbaum, Farmingdale State College and Derek Stadler, LaGuardia Community College

Room: Mayflower
As librarians, we often participate in or lead initiatives, but not all of these endeavors succeed. The post mortem -- a systematic method for discovering, documenting, & disseminating an actionable summary of a project’s successes & missteps -- offers librarians a valuable tool for reframing failure as an opportunity to support future successes.
Tags: Assessment; Professional/staff development
Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library

These Are Not Your Students: How Service Orientation Doomed a Library Instruction Assessment Project and What It Took to Bring It Back to Life

Kathrine C. Aydelott, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Room: Plympton
A faculty librarian recounts how an assessment project was rejected by key stakeholders, revealing a cultural divide between library and departmental faculty regarding assessment, status, and the dangers of overvaluing a service orientation.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Assessment; Outreach; Teaching and Learning
University Library

Lightning Talks Session A

Room: Wampanoag

When starting a new endeavor, do you ever wish someone could just tell you what *not* to do? Come and learn from the experiences of one librarian who is finishing up a residency program, and one newly-minted library director. Attempting to grow an ORCID program, implement RFID, or prepare for a move to off-site storage? Hear about strategies for working through unforeseen problems, and learn what not to do when executing new initiatives in your library. For more information about individual Lightning Talk Sessions, see the program for Lightning Talks Session A.