Breakout Session III

1:30 to 2:20 pm

Breakout rooms, Floor 1

Beach Balls, Play-Doh, and Plato: Play as Critical Pedagogy

Beth Hoppe, Bowdoin College

Room: Wampanoag
Most discussions of critical pedagogy focus on theory. It is a serious topic, with serious implications. But who is to say that we can't have a little fun now and then? I argue that play can be a valuable part of critical pedagogy. We will discuss strategies for including play in the classroom, providing space for discovery, reflection, and metacognition, as well as how to both play and meet your learning goals at the same time.
Tags: Teaching and Learning
Community College Library; College Library; University Library

Encouraging Experimentation and Creativity through Professional Development: Turning our Failures into Best Practices

Amanda Piekart, Berkeley College; Bonnie Lafazan, Berkeley College - New Jersey; and Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College - White Plains

Room: Standish
This session will present the best practices we have identified through our missteps and failures from several internal professional development initiatives. Through reflecting on failures and refining approaches, librarians can learn how to create an environment where they are committing themselves to their organization, profession and their own life-long learning education.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development; Teaching and Learning
College Library

We've Failed at Diversifying Our Librarian Ranks, Now What? A Plan for Addressing the "Pipeline" Problem

Annie Sollinger, Isabel Espinal, Pete Smith, and Kate Freedman, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Room: Mayflower
Despite great effort from individuals on our staff, the racial diversity of the library’s employees has remained largely unchanged, mirroring the stagnant demographics of the profession. Over the last year, we’ve come to understand more about why we have failed and gained critical insight into how we might succeed in the future via a bolder approach that we are now advocating for, in our library and libraries across the US: by investing time and money in Post-Baccalaureate Diversity Recruitment Fellowships.
Tags: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Outreach; Professional/staff development; Administration, Management, and Leadership
University Library

When your Info Café Fails, Think of your LMS as Take-Out: Learning from the Services Students Won’t Use to Create the Services They Will

Elizabeth Chase, Patricia McPherson, and Heather Perry, MacPhaidin Library - Stonehill College

Room: Plympton
In 2012 we launched a program that would allow students to earn merit points by attending library instruction sessions. We thought earning merit points, which could give students preference in selecting housing, would draw them to our workshops on database searching and citation styles. We were wrong. That failure prompted us to change our focus from trying to attract students to the library to attempting to bring instruction to them via the Learning Management System. The result: the LMS embedded videos and research modules we created have reached far more students than our face to face workshops ever did.
Tags: Assessment; Outreach; Reference; Teaching and Learning
College Library

Worst Practices? Surviving the Pitfalls of License Negotiation

Michael Rodriguez, University of Connecticut

Room: Carver
Learn the pitfalls and temptations of license negotiation. Based on true stories from a lead library negotiator! We’ll also look at agile win-win negotiating and how to bounce back from your missteps and leverage (mis)cues from vendors.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Collections; Scholarly Communication; Technical Services
University Library; College Library