Lightning Talks (Session B)

3:40 to 4:30 pm

Room: Wampanoag

Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure: Practicing Digital Literacy Skills in the Community College Classroom

Meggie Lasher, Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Are you interested in digital literacy education, especially working with diverse students? This lightning talk will outline the highs and lows of developing original content for a digital literacy workshop to help students think critically about college academic resources and technology.
Tags: Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools
Community College Library

Lost in Translation: Faculty and Archivist Communication

Blake Spitz, University of Massachusetts Amherst
This presentation addresses numerous topics in the fields of librarianship and archives management, including instruction, information and research literacy, and outreach, by presenting a case study where two individuals were highly motivated to collaborate on archival research instruction, but failed due to inefficient communication and assumptions made on both sides. After detailing some of the missteps, this talk will focus on options to improve future collaborations with faculty, such as assignment or syllabus consultation and embedded librarianship, hopefully leading to the practical results of better instruction, assignments, and research process guidance for students working with library resources.
Tags: Archives and Special Collections; Collections; Outreach; Teaching and Learning
University Library

No Attendees? No Problem. Redefining Programs at the Library

Deb Baker, Rivier University
Like many places, we have a small staff, budget constraints, and more students now who don’t live on campus than do. This talk will hopefully expand the idea of programming as a style of engagement rather than the traditional notion of events that people must attend.
Tags: Outreach
University Library

That Time One Person Came to My End-of-Semester Citation Workshops

Katie Beth Ryan, American International College
A citation refresher and chocolate-covered pretzels -- what’s not to love? Apparently much more than this librarian realized, when only one student showed up to her end-of-semester citation workshops. In this talk, she reflects on why these workshops didn't resonate, and how to approach citation and paraphrasing differently in the future.
Tags: Outreach; Teaching and Learning
College Library

What Went Wrong: Reflections on a Teaching with Technology Failure

Amy Barlow, Rhode Island College
This speaker will tell the story of how a clerical error resulted in a technological meltdown during library instruction. She will share how she came to see the incident as a useful failure, and will discuss implications for flipped and online learning environments.
Tags: Reference; Teaching and Learning; Technical Services; Technology and Tools
College Library