Poster Session

2:30 to 3:15 pm

Floor 2

Can Robots Replace Librarians? Experiences Using a Chat Bot to Respond to IM Questions

David Meincke, Johnson & Wales University - Providence
Learn how a busy urban university is piloting the use of a chat bot to respond to research and reference questions after hours.
Tags: Reference; Technology and Tools
University Library

Displaying the Past: Guidelines for Outreach Using Archival Collections

Laura Mondt and Rachel Oleaga, Northern Essex Community College
This poster aims to provide attendees with a list of guidelines to consider when using an archival exhibit as a method of outreach, along with fostering a broader discussion of community college libraries, and the promotional value of their small or minimally processed archival collections.
Tags: Archives and Special Collections; Outreach
Community College Library

From Worst to Best: Discovering IR Best Practices and Planning for Change

Hedda Monaghan, Framingham State University
This poster discusses best practices in institutional repositories with lessons from the literature and a discussion of how to minimize project slow-downs during times of staff change or shortages.
Tags: Scholarly Communication; Archives and Special Collections
University Library

The Game of Library Tetris: Using a Shelf Address System

Judy Quist and Rachel Gogan, University of New Hampshire, Durham
Having to constantly shift materials to make space while maintaining call number order can be challenging and time consuming, particularly when needing to move materials quickly. In this session we’ll weigh the pros/cons of a shelf based address system and help you learn from our mistakes; we’re still cleaning up some of ours, but after this session you won’t have to!
Tags: Access Services; Archives and Special Collections; Collections; Technical Services
University Library

Honey, I Shrunk the Workshop! Learning to Scale for Smaller Institutions

Rachel Sperling, Antioch University New England
The Antioch University New England Library and Writing Center teamed up to deliver a scaled down Research and Writing Boot Camp, that met the needs of both local and long-distance students. Despite numerous hurdles, from scheduling logistics to a fierce rainstorm, Research & Instruction Librarian Rachel Sperling and Writing Center Coordinator John Dunham used ingenuity and flexibility to deliver a successful full-day boot camp.
Tags: Outreach; Teaching and Learning
University Library

If You Build It, Will It Collapse? Roadblocks to Building a Regional Repository Community

Erin Jerome, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Lisa A. Palmer, University of Massachusetts Medical School; and Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst
In the wake of the Elsevier acquisition of bepress, regional Digital Commons users in the New England region try to build and sustain the community they began to reestablish in the summer of 2017.
Tags: Professional/staff development; Scholarly Communication; Technology and Tools
Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library; Consortia; Other

Mindset Matters: Developing a Growth Mindset to Reframe Failure in Libraries

Benjamin Peck and Kimberly Burke Sweetman, University of New Hampshire, Durham
This poster highlights an internal professional development activity that introduced the concept of developing a growth mindset within the library. By facilitating a flipped lesson and an active learning activity, we encouraged our organization to develop a shared strategy for working through challenges, dealing with setbacks and viewing failures positively.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development
University Library

MOOC: Miscalculations, Oversights, Opportunities and Celebration

Julie Goldman and Allison Kay Herrera, Harvard Medical School
The field of online education is incredibly important for libraries to support and be involved in. Learn from our mistakes! We’ll take you through the journey of mishaps and misadventures in developing an open online course offered by Countway Library of Medicine.
Tags: Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools
Special Library; University Library

My Misadventures In Scheduling Innovation

Annette M. Vadnais, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Come learn about my experience trying to work remotely to try and innovate current projects and come up with ideas for new initiatives.
Tags: Outreach; Professional/staff development
University Library

Pivot, and Pivot Again: Ever-Nimble Library Leadership

Kathryn Geoffrion Scannell and Lyena Chavez, Merrimack College
Library leadership is full of surprises and messes -- on the route to successes. This poster highlights examples of “pivoting” in response to space re-purposing and evolving curricula, and showcases unexpected opportunities for collaboration.
Tags: Administration, Management, and Leadership; Outreach; Teaching and Learning
College Library

Spectacular Failures and Tenuous Successes in Faculty Outreach: A Story of Persistence

Melinda Malik, Hannah Lindquist, and Bekah Dreyer, Saint Anselm College
Like its college, the Library has a long history of outreach to its community. This poster describes the librarians’ many failures and few successes with outreach to faculty through workshops. Primary takeaways include: reasons why they’ve been able to persist in their efforts despite their failures, and best and worst practices for implementing faculty workshops.
Tags: Outreach; Teaching and Learning
College Library

You Won’t Believe What We Discovered When We Implemented a Discovery Layer #metadata

Robert Wilson and Natyra Pancsofar, Bridgewater State University
This poster discusses the implementation of Web-Scale Discovery in an academic library, during which significant metadata issues were revealed. Highlights include specific issues encountered and responses across library areas, as well as change management lessons and future work related to discovery layer and metadata issues.
Tags: Access Services; Data Services; Technical Services; Technology and Tools
University Library