By Car

Driving directions to the Conference Hotel, the Holiday Inn by the Bay, can be found via Google Maps on the hotel’s website. Parking in the hotel garage is free for the day.

Share a Ride

If you are taking your own vehicle to the conference, we strongly encourage you to carpool with others. Carpooling has numerous benefits: It saves you money on gas, allows you to meet other ACRLNEC members, helps out those members who cannot drive to the conference themselves, and helps the environment! Sign up here to offer a seat in your car!

Other Modes of Transportation

From the South and Southwest

Bus: Portland is accessible by bus from Boston.

Train: The AmTrak Downeaster Rail Line has service from Boston up to Portland.

Public transportation routes can be viewed here on Google Maps.

Rideshare is available too!

Portland Bus Services

Information about Portland's Bus services, including route maps and schedules, can be found at the Portland Metro Site.

Taxi Services
Taxi services in Portland include 207 Taxi (Phone: 207-774-2255) and ASAP Taxi (207- 791-2727). Portland is also served by Lyft and Uber.