12th Research Data Management Roundtable

"So you want to share data in your (institutional*) repository…"

July 14th, 2020
Virtual Roundtable via Zoom
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Join us for a morning of data repository do’s, don’ts, and everything in-between on July 14th, 2020, in an online format (in Zoom) that will include speakers and a roundtable discussion. We will start with a panel of speakers with diverse experiences establishing, administering, and troubleshooting data repositories who will discuss topics ranging from generating administrative and researcher buy-in to cross-departmental collaboration and technical support. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion in which attendees will explore  their experiences with the unique benefits, challenges, and surprises, pleasant or otherwise, of managing data in repositories.

Registration is closed. 

*So you want to share data in a repository, whether institutional or otherwise, including those managed by others, potentially, but not necessarily including, 3rd party cloud hosted services: a panel and roundtable discussion...


8:45 - 9:00: Room opens; mingling.

9:00 - 10:30: Panelist talks (10-15 minutes each) and discussion

10:30 - 10:45:  Break

10:45 - 12:00: Roundtable Discussion, report out, and wrap up

 Our Panel Speakers

Patricia Condon, PhD is the Research Data Services Librarian at the University of New Hampshire. In her role, she leads the development and implementation of support services that accommodate the growing data management and data literacy needs of the University’s research community.

Kristin Lee is the Research Data Librarian at the Tisch Library, Tufts University. She coordinates Carpentries workshops on campus, manages data sharing services like Tufts Dataverse and institutional OSF, and works with her colleagues in Tufts’ Libraries and Tufts Technology Services to meet the data management education and consultation needs of the Tufts community.

Erin Jerome is the Open Access & Institutional Repository Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  She manages the campus’ institutional repository, ScholarWorks@UMassAmherst, and partners with the Data Services Librarian as co-administrator of UMass’ Data Repository.  Beyond UMass, she is a co-founder of the Northeast Institutional Repository Day (NIRD) and IR Managers Forum.

Representatives from Dataverse will also speak on the panel.  Dataverse is an open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data. It facilitates making data available to others, and allows you to replicate others' work more easily. Dataverse has been developed at Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS), along with many collaborators and contributors worldwide.