About ACRL New England Chapter


The objectives of the Chapter shall be to provide opportunities for the professional growth of academic and research librarians by conducting workshops and arranging programs in the various [geographic] areas of the region to encourage the exchange of ideas and information relating to library developments; to disseminate educational information oriented to academic and research libraries; and to support and participate in programs of other regional and local organizations in New England when appropriate, in order to promote and improve library service to the academic research community.

ACRL NEC Constitution & Bylaws, Article II, Section


ACRL New England Chapter began officially over 46 years ago, when it was approved by the ACRL Board at the 1972 ALA annual meeting. The purpose of the Chapter since the beginning has been to provide academic and research librarians opportunities for professional growth by providing workshops and conferences as well as a network of colleagues for consultation and collaboration. Since the early 1990s there has been an effort to encourage library support staff to participate in the organization.


ACRLNEC is dedicated to providing an inclusive and harassment-free community experience for everyone. Organizers of ACRLNEC-sponsored events may require participants to abide by a written code of conduct.