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  • Members of ACRL New England Chapter are welcome to join NELIG or any other special interest group (SIG) for no additional cost.
  • ACRL National members are automatically members of ACRL New England.
  • Non-ACRL National members are welcome to join ACRL New England Chapter for a nominal annual fee.

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NELIG Listserv

The NELIG-L listserv is a means for NELIG members to communicate with each other between meetings, but it is open to anyone interested in discussing issues related to library instruction.  

  • To subscribe, send a message to Sheila Lafferty at  Simply note that you would like to be added to the NELIG-L listserv. Once  your request is processed, you will receive a response to let you know you are on the list.
  • To send messages to the list, send them to The list is not moderated and only those who are members may post. Do not send any advertisements, solicitations, etc., which do not relate to library instruction or libraries in general (in other words, no spamming). We also urge you not to use the list to express radical opinions, to threaten anyone, or do anything else of an evil nature. Such acts could be grounds or expulsion from the list.
  • To unsubscribe, send a message toSheila Lafferty at Simply indicate that you would like to be unsubscribed from the list. Once your request is processed , you will receive a response to let you know you have been deleted from the list

Contact NELIG

Please send all NELIG inquires to our email address at We look forward to hearing from you.