ACRL/NEC Comments on NEASC-CIHE Draft 2015 Accreditation Standards

In recent weeks an increasing number of Chapter members have become aware of proposed changes in the New England Association of Schools & Colleges - Commission on Institutions of Higher Education Accreditation (NEASC-CIHE) Accreditation Standards. This revision marks a significant shift for academic libraries in eliminating a separate Standard for libraries, quite reasonably a concern for this profession.

Leadership Development Committee Events



Cultivating Careers - Yours and Your Team

In this interactive seminar, participants (supervisors, non-supervisors, management level doesn't matter) will walk through the process of professional development planning, leveraging strategic professional development planning with their teams, aligning personal goals to institutional/organizational goals, and identifying development opportunities and application of new skills to empower ongoing professional growth at all levels of the organization.

Website Rebuilt

After a long evening, the website has been rebuilt.  Though it looks the same but it promises to be more stable and usable for administration and users alike.  The consequences of rebuilding the site from scratch include the removal of all users.  Thus, everyone who would like to register with ACRL New England to post events and such will need to send an email to

Building Supportive Organization Cultures in Libraries

Registration is now open for the ENY/ACRL Spring 2015 Conference! Register now!

Surveys: Task Force on Under Served Populations

The ACRL New England Chapter is interested in finding out more about some of our most underserved populations and we are hoping that you will complete this survey if it applies to you, or forward it to fellow staff members, colleagues at other institutions, or library school students that you know.

Our usual modes of communication will reach those who are already members of the chapter – we need you to help us reach everyone!

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